Learn Iisaan language in Bangkok

If you can speak Iisaan, you can also speak Lao!

Did you know that even though the sole official language of Thailand is Thai, only about 50% of the population speaks it as their first language? In fact, over 60 languages are spoken through the country! The most prominent of these minority languages is Iisaan (sometimes also spelled as Esan, Isan or Isaan), which is spoken by over 22 million people in northeastern Thailand. That is twice the population of Belgium!

The Iisaan language is closely related to Thai: the languages share about 80% of vocabulary. Iisaan is even more closely related to Lao. So closely, in fact, that Lao and Iisaan are practically indistinguishable from each other. If you want to learn to speak Lao, this is a good place to start.

Foreigners rarely learn Thai, and Thai people are generally impressed when a foreigner speaks Thai to them. Even fewer people learn Iisaan. While the Iisaan people can speak Thai due to it being taught at schools, speaking the local dialect can very well turn you into a local celebrity.

If you wish to learn Iisaan, one of our native Iisaan-speaking teachers will be happy to help you out.